Jawlines are hot right now! In fact, they have been trending for quite some time. The selfie era has made every angle visible with brutal honesty resulting in the over use of slimming and tightening filters.

Facial contouring with makeup can sometimes be a temporary solution to minimize the bulk of a double chin, but when men are looking for a defined, more masculine looking jaw, makeup isn’t always an option. Fullness below the jawline and chin can be genetic, a result of weight fluctuations, or simply natural aging. As someone that is in their late 30’s, I have personally noticed that my jawline is not as tight as it once was, especially after having a child. I’m definitely not willing to consider surgery but I had been thinking about my options for awhile. Some of us are born with it but some of us, like me, need a bit of help.

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How to Slim Your Jawline

A quick Google search will pull up some ‘interesting’ options and home use devices that claim to slim and define the jawline. Seriously though, after a long day at work, putting my son to bed, making lunches, and tackling the laundry mountain, I just don’t have the time or energy to hold some strange machine on my face and hope for the best. Full disclosure, I work at Vancouver Laser so I’m lucky enough to have access to experts and information to help me discern between treatments that are really effective versus just good marketing. This is why I’m excited to get the word out about one of our favourite treatments for this stubborn area, Belkyra. It’s also called Kybella in the US and it involves tiny injections into the area below the jawline and chin with an enzyme that our bodies produce naturally. This enzyme breaks down targeted, localized fat cells and there is minimal downtime making it a very popular choice because the results are permanent. As a consultant, I will often pull up my own before and after photos to help my clients understand what they can expect and so they can see that we’ve got faith in the treatments we recommend.

One common question we’re asked in consultations is whether or not these types of treatments will create a saggy appearance or skin laxity. This is a great question and we want you to know that the answer is an emphatic, no. Since the volume is reducing gradually over a period of 6-8 weeks there is a natural recoil effect of the skin, meaning the skin at the jawline is less saggy, not more.

The Best Timing for Belkyra

The main thing that I tell clients is to pick a time to schedule their treatment around the bit of initial swelling that accompanies the treatment. For example, I wouldn’t want to do this treatment if I was going to be photographed in a bridal party the next day or give an important presentation at work, but that’s a pretty easy workaround. I’m actually really excited to have my next treatment and as a mom that works outside the home, I don’t have any glamorous events to schedule around, unless of course you count that date with the laundry mountain. If you think this might be right for you, contact our clinic and I’d be happy to tell you all about it.

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