Acne scars

Ice pick, box car, rolling or atrophic scars may only take a few days to set in but can take years to fade.

Preventing acne from forming in the first place is key, but if your scars are already formed let’s build a plan to help smooth out your face, back and chest for a more healthy looking complexion.

Popular Treatments

Fractional Resurfacing

If you are beginning to notice that your skin isn’t healing like it used to after an acne breakout, this customizable laser peel helps soften and fade both the residual pigment and indentations left behind.

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For minor scars, a microdermabrasion can aid in sloughing off the superficial layers of the skin while stimulating healthy blood flow to the area to promote healing.

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Sylfirm X

Smooth textural concerns such as large pores and acne scars with the most powerful radio-frequency micro-needling treatment on the market.

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