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Your Health & BeAUty Experts

Expanding on the excellence of the Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre

From Healthcare to Functional Medicine to Medical Aesthetics, R·MEDYᴹᴰ is our answer to all your wellness needs. 


Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre

Providing Cosmetic Solutions for Vancouver

Glow Naturally!

For over 25 years the Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre has been pushing boundaries and setting a standard of excellence in non-surgical aesthetic services. With over 40 different treatment options and medical-grade skincare solutions, their team have every tool at their disposal to help you meet all your beauty goals.



RMEDYᴹᴰ Functional Medicine

Vancouver’s Personal Health Management Experts

An Innovative Approach to Health

Using methods such as HRV analysis, liver assessment, customized IV therapy, genetic testing, custom supplements and more, our team of professionals inform, guide, and provide you with only the best experience.


RMEDYᴹᴰ Executive Health

A Comprehensive Approach to Healthcare

You’re More Than A Patient, You’re Our Priority.

From routine checkups and preventative care to acute health concerns, we are committed to offering quality health services with more agreeable wait times.




RMEDYᴹᴰ Aesthetics

A Premium Beauty and Wellness Experience

Reveal Your Radiance

With a focus on harmony, balance, and symmetry, R·MEDYᴹᴰ Aesthetics offers patients a wide range of services for body contouring, facial revitalization, vitamin therapy, and hair removal and rejuvenation.





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