Want to get rid of a double chin fast? Even during the holiday season it’s possible to shed the fat under your chin without having any surgery or making drastic diet changes. The innovative BELKYRA chin sculpting treatment is an effective way to reduce chin fat so you can look your best at this year’s holiday events.

What is chin sculpting?

Chin sculpting is the targeted removal of fat cells under the chin. This localized sculpting is achieved by injecting small amounts of deoxycholic acid (DA). DA is a derivative of a naturally occurring substance in our bodies that helps with absorption of dietary fats. It is approved by Health Canada as a safe and effective aesthetic treatment for double chins.

BELKYRA, aka KYBELLA in the USA, uses this chin sculpting technique to achieve remarkable results, by helping to minimize the fullness of your face with very little recovery time. When it is injected into the problem area under the chin it destroys the fat cells, which are then metabolized by your body.

These fat dissolving injections safely break down the fat under your chin, and once those fat cells are gone they do not regenerate. So once you’ve achieved your desired look, you won’t have to do any maintenance treatments.

What is the treatment process?

Your treatment will be customized based on your desired results and your personal needs. Once your provider has assessed you, they will map out the injection area under your chin. They will then chill the injection area for your comfort before the treatment. Then your technician will make between 20-30 small injections, which usually takes under an hour.

Your body then expels the destroyed fat cells over the next few weeks, which is when you will start to see results. Post-treatment recovery time is immediate, and you can resume your normal activities right away.

What are the results?

Immediately after your treatment you may feel some tingling or itching in the injection site. This is totally normal and will pass quickly. You will start seeing a reduction in your chin fat over the next few weeks, and depending on your desired results, you may need to book a few more sessions to ensure that all of the chin fat has been destroyed.

Many of us come out of the holiday season looking and feeling less than our best thanks to the litany of unhealthy food, drinks, stress and chilly winter air. But one thing that’s in your control is your ability to get rid of a double chin with innovative BELKYRA treatments that are quick and permanent.

Once again, this holiday season we are offering our $999 Belkyra treatment for only $699!

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