FIre & ICE®

R•MEDYᴹᴰ’s signature medical-grade facial that your skin deserves. Don’t settle for basic.

Rejuvenates tired, dry and dehydrated skin for the ultimate glow.

About Fire & Ice®

Exclusively at R•MEDYᴹᴰ Aesthetics, the Fire & Ice® facial is a luxurious combination of lymphatic drainage, detoxification, radio frequency energy, gentle exfoliation and deep dermis hydration. Prioritize your skin health and indulge in some self pampering.


  • Boosts facial circulation
  • Reduces facial puffiness
  • Encourages facial skin detoxification
  • Boosts collagen production in the eye area
  • Reduces skin dullness
  • Improves skin texture and glow

How It Works

The Fire & Ice® signature facial incorporates four medical aesthetics modalities: JetPeel™, ThermiSmooth®, the R•MEDYᴹᴰ SMP Infusion & Ultrasound wand technology. This facial is exclusive to the R•MEDYᴹᴰ Aesthetics locations.

Jet Peel™: 

The first step of the Fire & Ice® signature facial a non-invasive JetPeel™ treatment. The JetPeel™ emits a high-velocity jet stream of saline to gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells, dirt and debris, resulting in a smoother more even skin tone. The next step incorporates a custom lymphatic massage technique that encourages lymphatic drainage aiding in the elimination of toxins and fluid retention.


Once the skin is clean and microcirculation is stimulated we move to the next step of the Fire & Ice® signature facial the ThermiSmooth® eye treatment. ThermiSmooth® uses radio-frequency energy around the eyes to gently stimulate collagen remodeling and increase blood flow, leaving you looking more refreshed.

SMP Infusion: 

The final step, SMP Infusion, is the ultimate in hydration. With a proprietary medical-grade SMP serum and moisture locking techniques, including heat therapy, ultrasound wand and wrapping, we achieve deep dermis serum penetration unlocking your healthiest looking skin.

What to expect


60 minutes

After Treatment Care

Apply SPF50 daily to protect against UVA (aging) and UVB (burning).

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What treatment do you recommend to combine with the Fire & Ice® facial?

You can combine with any energy based treatments to enhance the results, optimal pairing with our Thermage® eyes.

What results will I see?

Your skin will be more refreshed & bright with a long lasting glow & hydration. Around your eyes with be rejuvenated and any puffiness will be reduced.

Am I a good candidate for the Fire & Ice Treatment?

This facial is suitable for any skin type (oily/normal/dry).

Suitable for patients that have acne & rosacea.

Not suitable for patients who are pregnant, or any lesions in the skin