Top 6 Laser Treatments to Do During Fall

October 7, 2021

There is so much to love about fall in Vancouver! The leaves are beginning to change colors, the pumpkin treats are back at our favourite local coffee shops, the Halloween party invites are out, and sweater weather is officially here! 

But do you know what does not go well with a Pumpkin Spice Latte? Dull, dry, and rough skin! 

The good news is that this cold, cloudy, rainy, and windy weather is perfect for laser skin care treatments because we are not exposed to the same degree of sunlight as over the hotter summer months. The risk of brown spots or hyperpigmentation is lowered following a session and we are able to focus on 3 super important actions over the next couple months: reduction, rejuvenation, and restoration! 

Laser Hair Removal 

I know it is tempting this season to just forgo shaving in favour of tights, long skirts, turtlenecks, or perhaps a full head to toe black stocking ensemble (Ideally something like what Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala), but the colder weather does not mean that you need to start looking like Cousin Itt from The Adam’s family! Trust us, there really is no better time to do laser hair removal than right now. 

We use the Fotona® high performance Nd:YAG laser system for reducing unwanted hair. This precise laser targets the pigmentation in the hair follicle while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected -generally resulting in semi-permanent hair removal! However, since the hair follicle grows in stages, hair reduction is a process that requires regular treatments spaced approximately 6 to 8 weeks apart for the most optimal results.

Before any laser skin treatment you need to be extra vigilant about keeping out of the sun! This can be especially hard during the summer when the sun is out and your friends are all keen on spending hours on the beach uncovered and exposed. Since Laser Hair Removal (LHR) requires multiple sessions it makes for a perfect addition to your fall routine because you will be able to work towards the results you want without having to worry about those pesky summertime laser precautions! How awesome is that?! 

The Vancouver Laser and Skin Centre is #1!

IPL – Photo Facial 

Dear Cher, we found a way to turn back time. You’re welcome.

IPL is a photorejuvenation treatment that has been hailed as the “gold standard” treatment for the reduction of pigmentation. The light energy of the IPL targets the brown spots and red cells in the skin. This light is then converted into heat energy, which helps to fade those specific problem areas.

This treatment is life-changing for people who already have sun damage and would like to wipe the slate clean. You can kiss age spots, rosacea, broken capillaries, and freckles goodbye and say hello to younger, fresher, and brighter looking skin! 

Go on and take this season to recover and rest your skin before the summer sun steps in and has its way with you! 


What do we want? Gorgeous skin! When do we want it? Now!

Another laser skin rejuvenation treatment, the PicoWay® uses one of the most powerful lasers in the world and is a powerful yet gentle way to address unwanted pigmentation, acne scars, and fine lines and wrinkles! The photoacoustic energy generated shatters pigmented particles into tiny fragments without burning or damaging the skin. The body’s natural healing process expels the fragmented particles and encourages the production of fresh, new collagen and elastin. 

You asked, and PicoWay delivered.

Clear Glow 

The battle for clear skin continues, but this time we have a powerful high peak energy laser on our side! 

Wearing a mask is necessary during the pandemic but unfortunately for all the good it is doing, it is also causing us to have more pesky pimples, or ‘maskne’. But, if you think that just because the weather is getting cooler you are going to have a much better go, you are sadly mistaken. You may very well be sweating less (unless you are a commuter like myself and we all know that packed busses are a whole new level of hell), but if you have dryer skin you are just as likely to break out too. And frankly speaking, it gets pretty gross under the mask. 

Clear Glow uses a Nd:YAG laser, and is effective at penetrating deep into the tissues to create a thermal effect that reduces sebum production and acne. For all your “maskne” needs we recommend the Clear Glow treatment to have you looking smashing for your next photoshoot at the pumpkin patch. 

Less acne and smaller pores? Sign me up!


Your new mantra is: don’t get old, get even! 

BBL stands for Broad Band Light and the BBL Forever Young treatment is considered the next generation of intense pulsed light (IPL) photorejuvenation therapy that works hard to target age spots, sun damage, freckles, rosacea, broken capillaries, and an uneven skin tone. BBL emits broad spectrum photo thermal energy (short blasts of high intensity light) and is a highly advanced photo facial therapy that produces optimal results. 

Research has shown that patients who have had BBL can reduce and delay the long terms signs of skin aging and can already notice brighter looking skin 1-2 weeks after their treatment! 

Fall is patchy but your skin doesn’t have to be! 

Vegas Laser 

Feel like you are waking up in Vegas with a laser peel treatment that promises to reveal a fresher and healthier appearance! 

This chemical free micro laser peel uses the Fotona™ machine to precisely target fine lines and dull skin to reveal a healthier appearance without any aggressive chemicals. And unlike a chemical peel, we have the ability to control the depth of penetration which makes this a safer alternative as well. 

Fall cloud coverage makes it that much easier to avoid sun exposure after your treatment to prevent further damage and give the skin time to heal and regenerate. 

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Top 6 Laser Treatments to Do During Fall