We have all heard that the way you treat your body and skin when you’re younger will make a huge difference as the years go by. No one ever looks back and thinks they wish they’d done more sun tanning, we wish we’d listened to our parents advice. Back when I was in high school I was obsessed with being tanned. I used tanning beds multiple times per week trying to achieve an unnatural bronze. Every time I look back at my pictures from those years, I feel silly. I didn’t look natural and I know that those decisions were the beginning of my skin issues.

Hair removal by shaving

The skin on my face began worsening in my mid-twenties. I was so self-conscious about the brown spots that I would avoid leaving my house without makeup; it was stressful living that way. The self-esteem issues I had around my skin affected not just me but the people in my life. I would often rather stay home than go swimming with my friends because I was worried about my makeup coming off in public. Sometimes, I would even wake up earlier than my partner so that I could put my makeup on before he got up. It was really frustrating to feel self-conscious about my skin when what I really wanted was that clear, fresh face I had in my youth but didn’t fully appreciate.

Hair removal by shaving

Why I Chose IPL Photorejuvenation 

One of my close friends told me about IPL Photorejuvenation, she called it a ‘photofacial’. She had gotten the treatment herself for the sunspots she had on her cheeks and I had the chance to see the changes in her skin first hand. When I realized how radiant she looked afterwards, I decided it was time for me to give it a shot. 

My Personal Experience with IPL 

I called Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre and the receptionist was able to answer many of the questions I had about the appointment time and length. The next step was having a consultation with a skin expert to assess my skin and dive into a more detailed explanation of the treatment and what to expect. The answers were detailed, and I felt confident in my decision by the end of the consultation. 

I have sensitive skin, so I opted for the numbing cream prior to the IPL treatment. I barely felt anything during the procedure. After the first IPL treatment, I was a bit swollen, but it wasn’t really noticeable to anyone but me and as soon as I woke up the next day, the puffiness had gone down. Over the next few weeks, some of my brown spots faded and the skin on my face began taking on a brighter and more even tone. I knew that it would take a few treatments for me to really experience the full results, but I was happy to start seeing some progress. 

I went in twice more to continue the treatments and I scheduled my appointments one month apart from each other. I noticed big changes in my skin by the 2-month mark. I felt more confident in my skin and I was way less worried about being seen without makeup. That’s right, the same woman who would wake up earlier than her partner to cover her face up was out in public with a bare face. I could not believe that was me! 

Hair removal by shaving

I know for some people having brown pigmentation on their skin is not a big deal, but for me, it felt like a big barrier in life. If you feel the same way I did, please know that there are modern and effective options available. Do your research on IPL Photorejuvenation. The procedure definitely changed my skin for the better!

The best way to figure out where to start is to come into Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre for an assessment. You’ll meet with a clinical consultant who will listen to your goals and provide you with treatment options and a plan to help you look and feel your best. You can Book a consultation or appointment online or call 604-708-9891.

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