One of our favourite ways to brighten up dull skin and get a plumper, healthier and more hydrated look is to combine an exfoliation treatment, like DermaSweep, with a luxurious oxygen infusion facial. These two treatments work great hand-in-hand because your skin is at its best for absorbing any added nutrients after an exfoliation. Since the dead cells have been scrubbed away from the top layer, the skin is more primed to absorb any antioxidants and hydrators that you apply.

With freshly primed skin, why not give yourself the ultimate infusion treatment that penetrates to the deeper layers of skin and has dramatic and immediate results including: improved collagen and elastin production, increased oxygenation of the skin, and better circulation so that nutrients can be delivered faster to improve radiance.

How does Oxygen Facial work?

The O2 facial brightens and hydrates your skin by using a patented airbrush technology, which atomizes specialized serums and sends them deep into your skin with a continuous stream of hyperbaric oxygen. The serum contains hyaluronic acid molecules to rehydrate and re-plump your skin, as well as antioxidants like vitamins, A, C and E, green tea to neutralize free-radicals, and aloe vera for oxygen retention. The unique molecules facilitate osmatic induction of the anti-aging ingredients, which make it more effective than simply applying serums topically.

The O2 facial’s patented infusion wand hovers slightly over your skin creating a hyperbaric oxygen bubble in between. This oxygen bubble then gently applies pressure, which initializes the osmotic absorption of the serum’s active ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin. Your technician will go over your face inch-by-inch to ensure that all of your skin cells are all infused with the hydrating molecules.

Why is the O2 facial the best facial for sensitive skin?

The oxygen infusion treatments use customized skin boosters that can be tweaked based on your needs. These specially formulated serums help to correct imperfections and supplement the naturally occurring molecules that hydrate your skin, like hyaluronic acid. Your personally tailored serum can be adjusted to match your skin type and treatment objectives, making it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

The process of infusing your specialized serum into the deep layers of your skin may sound like an invasive procedure, but in fact the airbrush applicator doesn’t even touch your face. The oxygen infusion is applied by hovering just millimeters over top of your skin’s surface creating a small pressure bubble between the applicator and your skin, which enhances the absorption of the key anti-aging molecules.

Many clients find the treatment process very relaxing, thanks to the cooling effect of the airbrush infusion and the gentle technique used in application. Immediately after being treated, clients can see an instant glow, with a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. And there is no down-time with the O2 facial, making it very convenient to book a treatment whenever your skin feels dehydrated or needs some brightening. This is also why the infusion facial is one of the most popular celebrity treatments before any big event.

If you want to find out how to even out your skin tone with DermaSweep and Oxygen Facials, then learn more about our Microdermabrasion and O2 treatments. Book a consultation or appointment with Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre to get the glowing and hydrated skin you want.