Father’s Day is coming up and we want to make sure Dad looks and feels as awesome as he is for his big day. Hair loss and early signs of balding can make men feel self-conscious and want to hide under a baseball cap. With PRP hair treatment, we can stop hair loss and even create 30% more hair growth!

Before purchasing hair loss brushes that don’t work or considering more drastic measures such as a hair transplant, take a look at PRP as an excellent and effective non-surgical option for yourself or as a present for the special father in your life!

How Does PRP Work?

PRP, which stands for “platelet rich plasma”, is taken from the patient’s own blood and injected into his scalp to give thicker and healthier hair with no downtime. PRP has been used in a variety of other areas to repair and regenerate damaged tissue, so why not use it to combat hair loss as well?

PRP hair restoration treatments are a great option for people who have not yet reached the balding stage but have begun to experience some hair loss or thinning. It is a simple and quick procedure that only takes 30 – 40 minutes. A registered nurse will draw the patient’s blood (just like a blood test), separate the blood into its various components, and then inject the plasma rich portion 3mm deep into the patient’s scalp. The plasma, which is rich in platelets and white blood cells, is packed with growth factors that can promote new hair growth and spark hair follicle activity.

prp procedure

When is PRP Hair Restoration Treatment Most Effective?

For men, PRP treatment for hair loss is most effective before full balding occurs as a preventative measure during the early stages of hair loss. For young men specifically who are experiencing early hair loss, PRP for the scalp is a great option to halt hair loss and possibly remove the need for a hair transplant later in life. Hair loss and balding can seem like an inevitability that needs to be accepted as a part of getting older. However, with PRP for hair loss, this can be halted and reversed – delaying the effects of aging in a big way so that men can look as young as they feel!

Results After a PRP Hair Treatment

Hair loss should cease immediately after your treatment and from there you will just need to wait on the growth factors to kick in and reinvigorate new growth. Over a period of weeks, you should notice hair regrowth and see thicker hair on your head. Medical studies have shown about 30% more hair growth. PRP can safely be combined with other hair loss measures, such as low-level laser, LED, and other topical treatments. Also, be sure to check out our complete line of hair care products to stimulate new growth and keep your existing hair.

There’s no time to feel self-conscious about hair loss when safe, effective, and non-surgical options like PRP hair treatment exist! Book a consultation or appointment for yourself, or for that special father in your life, at Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre.