Our innovative microneedling alternative that effectively targets acne-prone, lackluster & aging skin with zero down time

First of it’s kind to combine oxygen and microcrystalline technology to deeply treat concerns beyond the epidermis.

About Micro Max

Although microneedling is known to be a fantastic treatment to target the skin on a deeper level, the down time involved may not be suitable for all lifestyles. 

We completely understand that and so we are proud to offer our first ever microneedling alternative that treats the skin using pain-free, microcrystalline technology. This will help you reap a similar result as microneedling without the downtime!


  • Improves fine lines and wrinkles
  • Naturally firm and lift
  • Reduce acne scarring
  • Brighten and plump the skin
  • Improve textural concerns
  • Induce oxygen to reduce inflammation and bacterial growth

How It Works

Our Micromax treatment uses a dissolving microcrystalline applicator to induce channels even smaller than those created with microneedling. This allows the serum on the microcrystalline applicator to deeply penetrate and effectively treat the skin while encouraging stimulation of collagen to repair any damage – such as acne scarring or aging skin.

In conjunction, an oxygen mask will be used to create a bacterial-free environment on the skin and reduce inflammation. The oxygen mask in conjunction with the microcrystalline applicator will help deliver essential vitamins and minerals deeply into the dermis to stimulate regrowth of new and healthy skin cells.

This relaxing treatment will mimic the results of microneedling with zero downtime. Perfect for those with busy and active lifestyles or for that pre-event glow!

What to expect


60 minutes

After Treatment Care

For maximized results, wear sunscreen and maintain your routine with proven clinical products such as Dr. Braun Skincare.

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What treatment do you recommend to combine with MicroMax?

Usually recommended after a HydraFacial®, IPL, or Clear Glow to shrink pores, brighten the skin and reduce pigmentation.

What results will I see?

MicroMax can give immediate skin brightening results. It can reduce the appearance of acne scars and fine lines. 

Am I a good candidate for MicroMax?

As a gentle facial treatment, MicroMax can be done by anyone. Mostly recommended for those with acne-prone skin, it can also benefit those who are looking for a skin brightening and anti-aging solution.