Things you DIDN’T know about Vancouver Laser

March 15, 2021

Picture this – you’ve taken the plunge, researched the medical aesthetics clinics in Vancouver BC and you come across Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and the reviews are amazing! You finally go for it and call in to make an appointment for your very first consultation but really don’t know what to expect.

The day finally comes, the elevator door opens to the 3rd floor of the Fairmont Medical Building and you’re blown away! “This place is so beautiful! It’s clean, modern, posh and I feel right at home!”. Then you start thinking as to why there are 2 concierge’s and 8 front desk staff. Is it necessary to have this many people just for a clinic consisting of an East and West wing? Not only that, where are all these other staffs always running back and forth to?

Well I’m here to spill the tea and let you in the know today. I must fess up that Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre has a lot more going on than what meets the eye. This clinic is filled with secrets that will change the way you think about us… 

1. Why Are There So Many Patient Coordinators?!

The eight Patient Coordinators sitting in the front are never the same ones from your last visit and whenever you call back you might be talking to a completely different person. This makes you wonder if your memory is going or just that the Patient Coordinator team alone at Vancouver Laser is made up of over 20 employees

That’s right! Rest assured, you are not losing your mind as our Patient Coordinator team is one of the largest team here at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre!

Aside from the team of 8 you see up in the front, we also have two fully operating bilingual Call Centres with an additional 8 staff in the back to help the daily flow of the clinic go smoothly. It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes two villages to ensure your experience is top notch at Vancouver Laser!

Patient Coordinators are much like super receptionists and do a lot more than booking appointments and checking you out! We also process online orders, take care of inventory, educating patients on our different treatments & products, take care of your memberships & loyalty, respond to inquiries on & respond to messages on social media, plus so much more! Oh, and writing blog posts 😉

With our clinic continuously expanding, we may need a larger team of Patient Coordinators very soon…

2. Where Are The Staff Always Running To?!

Did you know, the 3rd floor alone consists of: 10 Laser Rooms, 10 Injectable Rooms, 5 Prep Rooms, 5 Cozy Rooms, 5 Consultation Rooms, 5 Bathrooms, 4 Admin Offices, 2 Nurse Rooms, 2 Call Centres, 2 Kitchens, 1 Photo Room, 1 Training Room,1 Large Boardroom, 1 Doctor’s Locker Room & 1 Large Staff Locker Room?!

Phew! That was a handful wasn’t it? But hold on, that’s not all! Known to very few, Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre also has a Training Centre on the 5th floor where our Training Team hosts courses for external Doctors and Technicians to certify them to perform many of our award-winning services!

Fun Fact: We are the only authorized Ultherapy® professional & Picoway® professional training centre in North America & the largest cosmetic volume injector in Canada!

That’s not all – we also have a dedicated Marketing & Accounting Team located on the 13th floor!

The best thing about having our clinical services offered on the 3rd floor is that it’s not too far from the 4th floor…

3. Marketing Team? What Do They Do?!

Rewind back to Vancouver Laser circa 2018 – our “Marketing Team” consists of only one manager who would post during her spare time. A true trooper she was! Fast forward to 2021 – our Marketing Team is continuously growing and now consists of a team of 8!

Our Marketing Team handles everything from creating amazing promotions, clinic graphics, social media content, videography, photography, brochures, public relations and so much more!

They are the masterminds behind all the amazing content you may see on our Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Redbook, WeChat & Youtube! You’ve heard right – we have a Youtube channel so don’t miss out on all the fun and subscribe today!

Our Marketing Team is also notorious for coming up with the best contests! In the past, we had given away anything from a series of free treatments, Dyson blow dryers, Nespresso machines & Visa/MasterCard Gift cards. If you aren’t following us, make sure you do for a chance to win one of our beyond amazing contests!

They might even be brewing up an exciting new contest as we speak for what’s to come…

4. There Are So Many Departments – What Else Are You Guy Hiding?!

We’ve discussed our Patient Coordinator Team, Concierge Team, Marketing Team, Accounting Team, Training Team, Consulting Team, Laser Technicians, Doctors & Nurses. However, that’s not all! Did you know we also have a Consultant Assistant, a full team of Doctor’s Assistant as each Doctor has two personal assistants and a team of Tech Floaters to assist with laser treatments?!

On top of that, we also have an in-clinic Child Minder who can help take care of your little ones while you get your treatments done worry-free!

Within our team, a large majority of our staff members are also multilingual. This would definitely be super helpful for the 4th floor!

5. Wait, What’s On The 4th Floor? What’s The Big Secret?!

The 4th floor… The first rule of the 4th floor is: we do not talk about the 4th floor.

However, well behaved women rarely make history, right? So I’m here to let you in the know. The 4th floor secret is indeed dirty as this is the floor where we hide… our… in-house laundry!

A little disappointed?

Okay, okay, I’ll put my job on the line here and let you in on the real secret – though we do indeed have our in-house laundry up on the 4th floor; this magical floor will also offer a new home to most of our dearest patients! 

You’ve heard correctly! Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre is in the works of expanding on the 4th floor to a sister clinic! The 4th floor will offer amazing treatments such as —

Sorry, that’s all the time we have for today’s blog! As much as I want to go on about how amazing the 4th floor will be, I’ve already let out too many secrets of the clinic. If they find out which Patient Coordinator I am, I’d be toast!

To learn more about what’s brewing up on the 4th floor, follow our social media platforms and subscribe to our email list and be the first to be notified about this exciting launch. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out!

Maybe I can work my magic and gather more secrets to share with you after our expansion!

Things you DIDN’T know about Vancouver Laser