Our Staff’s Favourite Treatments!

November 8, 2021

We all know what Forest Gump said about how life is like a box of chocolates. However, here at The Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre, we like to say that skin care treatments are like a vending machine: you think you know what you want, but after you’ve made your selection you still find yourself wanting to try more! 

So, who better than our very own staff to speak to the treatments we offer?!

Each of us have our own “skin story” to tell, that is why we want to introduce you to 5 of our staff members below and fill you in on what skin care treatments they cannot go without (some couldn’t choose just one!). 

Introducing Iulia:

Iulia is our in-house videographer/photographer! All the beautiful pictures and amazing videos you see gracing our website and social media pages are all thanks to her hard work! 

Iulia’s favourite treatment is the IPL – Photo Facial!

Why? Because she loves how this treatment gives her radiant, fresher, and younger looking skin! Since it targets redness it also really helps to calm the look of irritated skin during breakouts.

Introducing Kristina:

Kristina is our marketing director, and she is one of the most hard-working people you’ll ever meet. Her passion helps her department thrive! 

Kristina’s favourite treatment is Clear Glow! 

Why? Because she loves how it calms her breakouts and helps her restore her ‘skin confidence’ so she can focus on what she does best (which is pretty much everything!). 

Introducing Julie:

Julie is our medical assistants’ manager, and she is super funny and kind (seriously.)! As Dr. Rowthorn’s right-hand woman, she is committed to making sure that each patient feels comfortable and safe.

Julie’s favourite 3 treatments are IPL, Venus Viva, Vegas Peel.

Why IPL? Because just like Iulia, she praises the way IPL gives her an unbeatable glow! She also loves that it offers little to no downtime post treatment.

Why Vegas Peel? Julie loves how its a safe alternative to a chemical peel and reveals radiant and smoother skin.

Why Venus Viva? She loves how the Venus Viva helps to shrink large pores and minimize acne scars. 

Introducing Meagan:

Meagan is a registered nurse and our very own CoolSculpting expert! She has an infectious laugh and is always ready to answer all your CoolSulpting questions!

Meagan’s favourite treatments are Introfill and….. Coolsculpting ofcourse! 

Why? Because introfill gives her the best skin possible, and Coolsculpting gives her the best body possible! 

Introducing Ariel:

Ariel is our very own post care technician, and she is the master of relaxation and rehydration!

Ariel’s favourite treatment is the Micromax.

Why? Because it is a perfect alternative to microneedling and offers zero downtime! Ariel loves how this treatment makes her skin glow while improving the overall texture!

Thanks for reading and getting to know a few of our staff members!

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Our Staff’s Favourite Treatments!