Remedy for your Redness

November 26, 2020

Struggling with rosacea is incredibly common and many people don’t even know they have it!

Rosacea is a chronic condition of the skin that’s characterized by its flare-ups and remissions. People who have rosacea often present with redness on their nose, chin, cheeks, or forehead. Although it’s rarer, rosacea can also occur on your scalp, chest, neck or ears. Over time, the redness can become more persistent and you may notice blood vessels appearing near the surface. This is a common skin concern with both men and women, however, it happens to be more predominant in women.

If you’ve ever experienced this, you might find yourself feeling irritable and self-conscious about your skin. It can impact your mood; making you feel more anxious or debilitated depending on how severe your condition might be.


Combating Your Insecurities

Most women will opt to conceal their redness with makeup. You learn to become the master of painting your canvas to ensure you hide any redness that might slip through the cracks. There is never a “fresh-faced” day because you make sure you don’t ever leave the house unless you are, in a way, totally covered up.

Many skin care and cosmetic products can seem intimidating or downright risky for someone dealing with sensitive skin, but the ability to safely disguise rosacea’s symptoms can be an empowering weapon in your arsenal. The part that we need to educate ourselves on is this: Does covering up my skin with all these different products and ingredients really help my skin or does this temporary solution (which is costing a pretty penny every month!) actually worsen our skin health? 

Another way we can reduce our flare-ups is by maintaining consistency in our diet. Staying away from inflammatory foods, keeping yourself hydrated, and focusing on your gut health are great places to start. With the exception of a good cheat meal here and there, sticking with a balanced diet of nutritious foods full of antioxidants and probiotics is incredibly important. Taking care of your internal health helps your skin more than you can imagine.

How to Remedy Your Redness

Rosacea can be a vicious cycle. The more you worry about its dreaded appearance, the more likely the extra stress may cause it to come crashing in at the worst possible time! Popping up in the most conspicuous and embarrassing place, your face, as a bright redness (often with unsightly bumps or pimples) that won’t go away no matter what you do! Fortunately, these days rosacea sufferers have more reason than ever to be optimistic. In the past, this was a condition that wasn’t ever publicly addressed by dermatologists or physicians. But now with the ever-booming aesthetic industry, we are now much more knowledgeable about these concerns and how common this rosy dilemma is to all kinds of people.

Becoming Proactice

Here at Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre, we perform countless consultations every week and one of the most common questions we hear is “What can I do to fix my redness?” Depending on where your rosacea concerns stem from we offer different treatment options; common causes are hormonal imbalances and hereditary or cystic rosacea — where the texture of your skin is distinctly affected or occurs in conjunction with acne breakouts. No matter what your concerns are, we have developed custom treatment plans to help combat your rosacea!

Below are some our most common recommendations that we love:


It’s absolutely possible to eliminate the negative effects of rosacea in order to ease your discomfort and regain clear, bright, and soothed skin. By sticking with an effective treatment plan developed for your specific concerns by our Physicians, Clinical Consultants, and Certified Laser Technicians it’s easier than you’d expect to take care of your skin through an adapted beauty routine.


Don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch with us, we’re the skin experts afterall!

Remedy for your Redness