The Mommy Makeover: The Perfect Combination of Procedures to Make You Look and Feel Amazing!

If you’re a mother, you know there are a couple of stubborn areas that you can’t seem to fix no matter how much you exercise or what kind of trendy new diet you try. Regardless of what your body looked like before pregnancy, carrying a child changes everything. I was pretty fit and athletic going into my pregnancy. You might even say I ‘snapped back’ pretty quickly too. But even so, I was still left with a weakened core, stubborn abdominal fat, and a super fun new issue – pelvic floor laxity with mild urinary incontinence. Translation: I now understood why so many women had that look on their face after a sneeze. Don’t get me started on jumping jacks or that time I tried Zumba classes.

Embracing Your Postpartum Body

I came across a lot of information about the ‘mommy makeover‘, but what I really wanted were options to help me feel more confident, fit, and strong in my new body. I don’t need to look like I’ve never given birth, but I would like to feel more confident being the best version of my new self.

With this goal in mind, I’m working on my own personal transformation with the help of some amazing non-invasive and non-surgical treatments, including the BTL Emsella Chair, Emsculpt, and CoolSculpting. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about how these treatments can help you too!

The Emsella Chair and Ladylase for Pelvic Laxity

Incontinence and pelvic laxity can be awkward to talk about. As moms, we know that most of us have at least a little bladder leakage but we’re certainly not sitting around sharing ‘that time I peed myself’ stories. We try to manage with pads and medications, and the idea of recovering from surgery while juggling life just isn’t an option. The truth is most of us, men included, will at some point encounter pelvic floor laxity regardless of whether you’ve given birth.

The Emsella Chair and Ladylase procedures can help treat mild to moderate incontinence without any downtime. Patients simply sit on the Emsella Chair and experience supramaximal contractions, this means they’re much more powerful than Kegel exercises. There’s no need to undress and treatments take about 30 minutes. You can imagine the look on my friends’ faces when I tell them I spent my lunch break reading a magazine and doing 11,000 super kegels! The Ladylase uses laser energy to stimulate collagen production and skin tightening of the vaginal walls for overall rejuvenation, which can help reduce incontinence and improve sexual satisfaction.

CoolSculpting for Stubborn Abdominal Fat

Let’s face it. Many of us mothers have ‘more to love’ around our tummies after carrying a child. While that beautiful process was worth it, we don’t always feel very confident with how we look in a swimsuit. No matter how many crunches are done, the pouch remains. CoolSculpting is an excellent mommy tuck solution ideal for targeting these pockets of unwanted fat around our midsection. CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells and permanently destroys them while leaving the surrounding cells unharmed. Your body naturally eliminates the fat cells over the next few weeks and they’re gone for good. It’s non-invasive, relatively quick, and you get to lay down during your treatment. I’d call that a win!

Emsculpt to Strengthen Your Core

Once we’ve gotten rid of that excess abdominal fat, it’s time to target those muscles. A weakened core can affect your posture and lead to uncomfortable back, hip, and joint pain. The Emsculpt utilizes breakthrough technology to deliver 20,000 muscle contractions in a 30 minute session! Stronger muscles help keep your core tighter, clothes fit better, and it can also be used to tone up your booty. Perhaps the best part, you get to lay down for half an hour while the machine does the work! I’m noticing a common theme here…

With many of our staff being parents at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre, we’re so excited to be able to offer these Mommy Makeover treatments and share our personal experiences. All the procedures require little to no downtime and are completely non-surgical. For everything mothers do, we should be able to feel as confident and beautiful as we know we are. Also, be sure to check out Oraser® Cellulite Control by ZO®, which has body smoothing on the topical level with collagen stimulating properties.

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