No one likes to talk about the unglamorous world of bladder control. But did you know that urinary incontinence affects a significant amount of women? One poll found that up to 43% of women over 50 suffer from it to some degree.

So if it’s that common, what kind of advances have been made in the field of urinary incontinence treatments? Surely there’s something easier than the prescribed 1,000+ Kegel exercises you need to keep up with every day, and something less invasive than surgical procedures or laser treatments?

BTL Emsella: The Kegel throne for urinary incontinence treatment

BTL Emsella

The answer is the Emsella chair. An innovative new advance in the treatment of female urinary incontinence. The Emsella chair uses electromagnetic technology to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles helping to treat female urinary incontinence and overactive bladder issues.

Up until recently, women suffering from urinary incontinence were prescribed exercises, physiotherapy, medication and invasive surgeries. The BTL Emsella chair offers a solution for those who don’t want to go the surgical route and want to enhance the results of their exercises or physiotherapy.

The convenient and painless treatment is quick and easy, simply sit on the Emsella chair for less than 30 minutes while the electromagnetic pulses strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Essentially simulating stronger and faster Kegels than a patient could do on their own.

What types of urinary incontinence can BTL Emsella treat?

It is natural for pelvic floor muscles to get weaker with age or after giving birth. That’s why the condition is such a prevalent condition, especially in women.

The three most common forms of incontinence that the BTL Emsella chair treats are:

  • Stress incontinence: Leakage when coughing, sneezing, running, jumping, laughing etc…
  • Urge incontinence: A strong and sudden need to pee (overactive bladder)
  • Mixed incontinence: Combination of urge and stress incontinence

These forms of urinary incontinence are caused by a weakening of the muscles that support the bladder. When these pelvic floor muscles lose strength, the positioning of the bladder can shift downwards preventing the muscles that shut the urethra from squeezing as tightly. The BTL Emsella chair rehabilitates these muscles and restores neuromuscular control of the bladder.

How does BTL Emsella work?

Regaining control of the pelvic floor muscles gives incontinence sufferers a huge boost in their quality of life. They are able to rest better at night, they have more confidence, and they are able to participate in activities that they once thought were off-limits.

BTL Emsella helps to achieve this for patients by focusing on strengthening the necessary muscles.

The focused magnetic technology stimulates the pelvic floor muscles creating thousands of supramaximal muscle contractions. The high intensity electromagnetic energy helps to exercise the muscles on a level that humans cant mimic themselves, helping them to quickly regain strength.

The most effective treatment cycle involves six sessions over the course of three weeks, with each session lasting roughly 30 minutes. Patients are fully clothed and sit comfortably while the Emsella chair runs through different cycles of electromagnetic pulses that painlessly target and exercise the pelvic floor.

The procedure requires no downtime afterwards, so patients can continue their day without worrying about any side effects.

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