Jowls. It’s one of the most common things that people come to Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre to discuss. Nearly everyone that walks in our door is looking to firm up their jawline and stay ahead of the aging process. While dermal filler is a very useful tool to lift and support facial contours, there’s still the issue of the skin itself. Over time, the skin loses firmness, elasticity, and that youthful bounce back quality. So what can you do? In this case, heat is your friend! Or more specifically, ultrasound with Ultherapy.

Ultherapy is a non-surgical treatment that focuses the heat in the deepest layers of the skin which generates an initial tightening effect, as well as new collagen production that continues for the next 6 months! Not only does it help reverse the aging process but you’re investing in your future and aging gracefully. Our ability to produce new collagen takes a dip after age 50 so the younger we start these treatments, the better the outcome, which is why so many clients are coming into our clinic in their 20’s and 30’s.

Ultherapy tighten jawline

Think of Ultherapy like Exercise:

One of the simplest ways to relate to treatments like Ultherapy is to think in terms of exercise. Our bodies need regular exercise and a healthy diet in order to perform optimally and serve us well into old age. While it's never too late to implement a healthy diet and exercise regimen, the people that make it part of their lifestyle from a relatively young age will have an advantage. Having healthy skin is equally important. Without the right topical nutrients and the occasional 'controlled injury' to stimulate collagen and elastin, our skin won't look as refreshed and radiant as it could.
Ulthera allows us to customize treatments based on your specific needs with little to no recovery time. It's definitely a favourite amongst our staff because we're aging too. We'd be happy to talk to you about our personal experiences with Ultherapy and help you understand if Ulthera is right for you. 

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