Do you have discolored patches of skin on your face? This condition is called hyperpigmentation, and it’s pretty common. While you may have started protecting your skin with sunscreen to minimize any further hyperpigmentation, you may still need to find an effective way to get rid of age spots.

Queue the Photofacial – a quick procedure that boosts collagen production and minimizes those discolored patches of skin. This treatment effectively reduces signs of aging by using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, which penetrates deep into the skin and targets damaged cells to stimulate the natural healing process in your body.

Sometimes referred to as the “fountain of youth” treatment, this cutting-edge photo-rejuvenation therapy means that you no longer have to live with any dark spots on your face, neck, chest, hands and other sun-damaged areas.

So why does hyperpigmentation happen?

Have you ever noticed the difference between the skin of someone who has purposefully suntanned, versus the skin of someone who protects their face from the sun? The sun-worshipper usually has thinner skin, with less elasticity, and maybe even some dreaded age spots.

There’s a scientific reason for that.

Hyperpigmentation from the sun happens because exposure to UVA and UVB radiation breaks down and damages our skin cells.  Our skin reacts by producing the dark pigment melanin, which the body uses to protect our skin from the radiation. If this happens frequently enough over time, we may start to see dark spots on our faces, and other exposed areas.

How does a Photofacial get rid of age spots?

Photofacial treatment uses various wavelengths of light to target and get rid of damaged skin cells. The light therapy stimulates the body’s natural healing process, which causes the targeted hyperpigmentation be get pushed to the surface of the skin and then flake off.

Photofacials are most effective in a series of treatments to get rid of dark spots and achieve fuller more elastic skin. After each treatment you will notice sunspots darken and then flaking off.

It is recommended to use IPL photorejuvination in combination with gentle Clearlift laser treatments that are great for reducing pigmentation on sensitive areas, like the thin skin around the eyes for example.

What are the best ways to prevent age spots?

You are probably aware that staying out the sun is the most effective way to avoid hyperpigmentation and sun spots. But of course, that’s pretty much impossible for most of us.

So, on top of using SPF on your face and other exposed areas, it is recommended that that you do your best to have a diet that is high in flavonoids – the powerful antioxidants that are found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and even small amounts of red wine. These flavonoids help to stabilize collagen and elastin, as well as strengthen our blood vessels, which improves the delivery of oxygen to our cells.

If you are looking for something that can treat already damaged skin, then find out more about IPL photorejuvination. Book a consultation or appointment with Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre and finally get rid of those age spots.