Chin sculpting and double chin removal has gained huge popularity in the last few years. Likely because celebrities are raving about the wonders of BELKYRA®, like Khloe Kardashian who became a spokesperson for the U.S. procedure KYBELLA® (called BELKYRA in Canada). Look her up and you’ll see she has posted all over her social media about her amazing results.

We know you see these results and wonder if a chin lift or double chin removal would work for you. We are sure you have some questions and hesitations so read below!


You would love nothing more than to get rid of your double chin but fear “going under the knife” and having to turn to liposuction. And any of those face and neck exercises you have read about, or “as seen on TV” gadgets you may have seen which promise to tighten a double chin – those don’t work. Enter BELKYRA (KYBELLA in the U.S.) which is a quick, effective, non-surgical treatment that targets the localized fat under your chin.


BELKYRA treatments are a heck of a lot safer than invasive surgical treatments to treat a double chin. Manufactured by the same makers of BOTOX, and approved by Health Canada, the active ingredient in BELKYRA injections is a natural occurring substance in the body quite like what your gallbladder produces, called deoxycholic acid (DA). DA breaks down, digests, and expels the fat out of your body – safely. And once these fat cell membranes are destroyed, they can never accumulate fat again. So those results you see are permanent!

As long as you are choosing a clinic with properly trained injectors – such as Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre – you are in good hands with this treatment.


Your provider maps out a grid area under your chin where the BELKYRA injections will go based on your personal area of needed treatment, then chills the area to prepare the skin. The injections are quick and as always, comfort measures are available. The whole treatment takes under an hour and is done in office.

Results vary from person to person and multiple sessions are recommended in relation to the amount of fat to be reduced. Most people require 2-5 treatments to reach their optimal goal, with each treatment spaced about 6 – 8 weeks apart. This non-surgical solution is the least invasive way to address stubborn fat cells without the downtime associated with surgery. Adding to the good news is the fact that once these fat cell membranes are destroyed you don’t have to worry about seeing a double chin ever again.


After a BELKYRA treatment you may feel some temporary swelling and/or itching and bruising can occur. For the most part you can resume your normal activities immediately after, although heavy exercise may want to be delayed a day or two.


This all sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? To learn more please schedule a consultation or contact the professionals at Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre who have been successfully treating double chins since 2004.

Thank you for reading – Check back in two weeks for our next post!