Here on the West Coast of Canada, wedding season typically falls during our least rainy months of July through September. Which means, it’s fast approaching!

Whether this is your season to get married, or you are just attending or participating in a wedding (or three!), you are probably eager to get your whole body in tip-top shape. In this age of Instagram and Facebook, we all want to make sure we look our very best.

Drink Water

Drinking lots of water will keep you feeling full, therefore eating less. Another amazing benefit of water is that it flushes out excess toxins and gets your skin and body that much closer to the glow you want to achieve.


If you have some significant weight to lose you may want to spend the next few months with a trainer. Getting started with weight training will burn extra calories, and your trainer can whip you into shape in the time you have.

If you only need to drop a few pounds to fit perfectly into that dress just get extra active – walk for 30 mins every day and turn on the music and have a mini dance party every chance you get. This will energize you and burn up those extra calories. And you should probably hit those weights a few times a week as well. And to help you keep track of your physical activity, there are so many apps out there. These days your smartphone can hold you accountable for your progress.


It’s probably best to book a consultation with a nutritionist or join a reputable weight loss program if you have more than one dress size to shed over the next few months. You want to make sure you do it safely and efficiently.

Amp up Your Beauty Routine

Start scheduling your Hydrafacials and Oxygen (O2) Facials and planning laser hair removal treatments now to have your smoothest skin by the summertime. We can help you become wedding-ready and get that sought-after “no filter necessary” skin for the big day!

While you are in for your facial, let us help you customize a skin care routine to use at home to keep up your fresh skin benefits.

Do you feel like you need some extra help?

If a spa facial or two won’t help your skin woes, you may want to consider more advanced treatments such as Microdermabrasion or ClearLift™.

And what if you have a different issue which you are concerned may spoil the day? Maybe you experience excessive sweating at the best of times? And perhaps you are worried that by walking around in a heavy dress or a nice suit (that’s right guys, we have you covered too!) on a hot day you may turn into a sweaty disaster. Stop your fretting; we can help!

BOTOX® for Hyperhidrosis

You’ve all heard of BOTOX® for working wonders on those fine facial lines, but did you know it has many other uses as well? For one, it helps with Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) by temporarily turning off the stimulation of the sweat glands – providing you with relief for several months.

A variety of comfort measures are available to ensure minimal discomfort during your 40-minute Hyperhidrosis BOTOX® treatment, your “sweat-free” results last for up to a year, and if you have private medical insurance, these therapeutic BOTOX® treatments are usually covered. So why wait?

Let us help you

From facials to BOTOX® for a variety of issues, Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre Inc. is the most trusted BOTOX® and non-surgical treatment clinic in Canada. We can help you get ready from head to toe to look your best for your wedding, or any of your summer events. Contact us today for an appointment or consultation for any esthetic concerns you may have.

Thank you for reading – Check back in two weeks for our next post!